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Create a culture of Total Wellness.

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Wellness is no longer an afterthought.

Gone are the days of optional, hard-to-find benefits that no one uses. Wellness is the foundation of our lives... and our life's work.

Proven Process

Discover our simple, effective Total Wellness System that's helped hundreds of people transform their minds, bodies, and lives... for good.

Holistic Health

Bring your team the evidence-based strategies to help them reclaim their health, improve their mindset, and perform at their best in all areas of life.

Lasting Change

Implement our Wraparound Wellness Framework to leverage sustainable transformation through individual, group, and organizational intervention.

"The Alchemy team was very knowledgeable, professional and informative. They were highly engaging and very well received by my staff."

Thomas M. Bongiovi

Flexible Training Options

Adapted for the post-pandemic workplace.

The Online Experience

Provide your entire team with access to the Total Wellness Masterclass anytime with organization discounts or group membership. Provide each employee with an individual log-in for a private, safe, and unique learning experience.

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Team/Group Training (In-person or Virtual)

Provide a live in-person or virtual training to your entire organization or the team of your choosing. Trainings range from 30 minute "lunch and learns" to full-day intensives, or implement our six-week group training curriculum for weekly virtual sessions with our professional coaches.

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Conference Event 

Join a live conference at one of our partner venues or bring Alchemy to your event for a world-class training experience. Master the fundamentals of workplace wellness and holistic health. Explore new ways to reduce stress and improve performance that actually work in today's hybrid environments.

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"Words can't even express how grateful I am... The biggest change I noticed was in how I felt. I quickly began to feel healthy and was not getting sick like i had in the past... Because of Alchemy, I regained my health, which includes my mental health as well."

Candice D.
Course Attendee

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Are you a Physician, Medical Professional, or Healthcare Administrator?

Burnout among healthcare professionals is at an all-time high. We partnered with Medical Academy to provide a 6 CME training and specialized wellness solutions just for you.

About Alchemy Total Wellness

Alchemy Total Wellness is a health and wellness business providing best-in-class services, courses, and trainings to help today's professionals improve their quality of life by creating lasting lifestyle changes. 

ATW takes a holistic approach to personal and professional development, combining professional expertise in health & wellness coaching, mental health counseling, personal training, and management to help people upgrade their minds, bodies, and lives, while delivering transformative results for businesses.

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Learn the proven strategies for overcoming burnout, reclaiming your health, and performing at your best in all areas of life (without the needless complexity).


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